We are a travel agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. For the last 5 years we have been serving a wide range of clientele from all over the world. Most times people book their tours to get maximum sightseeing and experiences included in their normally limited holiday time. This leaves little or no time for shopping for souvenirs and artwork.

Hence the birth of our online store ……….. where anyone can order lovely things online and have them delivered to their hotel or just click and collect from our office and even have your things shipped to your home!

Our suppliers are actually vendors from the Maasai market that’s famous for these goods. We chose them in order to provide them with an additional platform via e-commerce to sell their goods and increase their income. Part of our proceeds will go towards youth education as in Kenya there is no free education and most young adults get the basic primary education but cannot afford further education.

So in addition to these two reasons and the fact that e-commerce is the way to go forward we have designed this platform to serve us threefold and at the same time give our clients a quick and convenient way to get their souvenir shopping done online.

Our products

Our product range is aimed to suit everyone. We have some simple give away gifts and even some mid-range jewelry made by local artists. As aforementioned everything is from artisans in the market. All hand made with the utmost care.